The diary of young girl by Anne Frank : who isn’t afraid.

This is still one of my favorite and first book I have ever read , suddenly I thought of this book , it reminded me how strong she was even during the holocaust. She was a young girl who is not afraid and an aspiring writer who have seen fear , love , hell . I have always thought when I was kid that I was having a difficult time and it made me blind to even consider others are facing even worse until I read this book , the way this young girl had lived her entire life in a box like a room with others adjusting her life made me realize we are so lucky to be living in this era . During those frightening days she had never gave up on her passion which was writing even though it had many flaws but she did it .

During second world war Jews used to be scared of Hitler whether they will be spotted by Nazis and thrown into concentration camp. In today’s generation we are scared to post anything because we will be judged badly by netizens. The only difference is Jews tortured physically and us being tortured mentally.

Here, I was afraid to speak my mind thinking that I would be judged and mocked for all the mistakes I have made . It had started when I was a kid , this social anxiety started crippling me in an early age – I couldn’t able to express my thoughts with others because I was terrifed that I wouldn’t be able to make friends or they would laugh at me for being ignorant. When I was asked to read in front of crowd or even give a small speech , I used to be frightened . This all kept me away from whatever the possiblity of having a good childhood memory – since the day I heard the laughter of my classmates when I wasn’t able to pronounce a word properly including the teacher who is supposed to be my guide to help me with studies. I am lucky to be born in this era to express my thoughts and my very own fear that kept me away from speaking my mind , giving out my opinions .

Social anxiety withheld me from conveying my thoughts , opinion ; but not anymore. I have realized that I could give a piece of my mind and not be afraid . This goes for all young women who are fighting to open up themselves but they couldn’t because their lips are sealed . The most liberating and empowering a women could feel is when she open her mind and let others know the life she had led.


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